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Blood Type-Personality Analysis

A person's blood type is believed to be predictive of his or her personality in Japan, even though there is no scientific proof on it.

Type A:
Best traits; Earnest, creative, sensible, perfectionists, calm
Worst traits; Fastidious, overearnest

Type B:
Best traits; Artistic, active, spontaneous, individualists
Worst traits; Selfish, irresponsible

Type AB:
Best traits; Cool, controlled, rational
Worst traits; Critical, indecisive, boring

Type O:
Best traits; Agreeable, sociable, optimistic, self confident
Worst traits; Vain, jealous, arrogant

Asking one's blood type is common in Japan, which means indirect question to measure the personality. Bloodtype traitscope is popular in particular for Japanese woman to predict compatibility with a potential partner, which is similar to the use of astrological signs in the West. But they do not necessarily follow the direction, because love is blind.
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Bloodtype Data Base

Type A
His Majesty the Emperor AkihitoMaleJapanEmperor
Her Majesty the Empress MichikoFemaleJapanEmpress
His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince NaruhitoMaleJapanPrince
Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess MasakoFemaleJapanPrincess
Junichiro KoizumiMaleJapanPolitician
Taro AsohMaleJapanPolitician
Yasuo FukudaMaleJapanPolitician
Masahiro TanakaMaleJapanBaseball
Shinji KagawaMaleJapanSoccer
Atsuko MaedaFemaleJapanActress
Miki AndoFemaleJapanSkater
Richard M. NixonMaleUSAPolitician
Lyndon B. JohnsonMaleUSAPolitician
Jimmy CarterMaleUSAPolitician
Robert F KennedyMaleUSAPolitician
Lady GagaFemaleUSAMusician
Hillary ClintonFemaleUSAPolitician
Meg RyanFemaleUSAActress
Cameron DiazFemaleUSAActress
George HarrisonMaleUKMusician
Ringo StarrMaleUKMusician
Adolf HiterMaleGermanyDictator

Type B
Name Sexuality NationalityProfession
Shinzo AbeMaleJapanPolitician
Ichiro SuzukiMaleJapanBaseball
Shigeo NagashimaMaleJapanBaseball
Mao AsadaFemaleJapanSkater
Yuko OhshimaFemaleJapanIdol Singer
Ronald ReaganMaleUSAPolitician
G. H. W. BushMaleUSAPolitician
Steven(Steve) Paul JobsMaleUSABusiness
Mark Elliot ZuckerbergMaleUSABusiness
Albert EinsteinMaleUSAPhysicist
George Herman (Babe) RuthMaleUSABaseball
William(Bill) Henry Gates IIIMaleUSABusiness
Michael JacksonMaleUSAMusician
Jack NicholsonMaleUSAActor
Paul McCartneyMaleUKMusician
Napoleon BonaparteMaleFranceSoldier
F MitterandMaleFrancePolitician
Leonardo da Vinci MaleItalyAlmighty
Mao Tse ToungMaleChinaPolitician

Type AB
Name Sexuality NationalityProfession
Keisuke HondaMaleJapanSoccer
Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.MaleUSAPolitician 
John F KennedyMaleUSAPolitician
Thomas EdisonMaleUSAEngineer
William(Bill) Jefferson ClintonMaleUSAPolitician 
Marilyn MonroeFemaleUSAActress
Mick JaggerMaleUKMusician

Type O
Name Sexuality NationalityProfession
Sadaharu OhMaleJapanBaseball
Hideki MatsuiMaleJapanBaseball
Takeshi KitanoMaleJapanComedian
Naoto KanMaleJapanPolitician
Shizuka ArakawaFemaleJapanSkater
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ⅡFemaleUKQueen
Charles, the Prince of WalesMaleUKPrince
Charles ChaplinMaleUKComedian
John LennonMaleUKMusician
Paul NewmanMaleUSAActor
Elvice PresleyMaleUSASinger
Dwight D. EisenhowerMaleUSAPolitician
Alfonso CaponeMaleUSAGang
Mikhail Sergejevich GorbachjovMaleRussiaPolitician
Benito MussoliniMaleItalyFascist
Charles De GaulleMaleFrancePolitician

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