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Engineering Consultation

Energy Industry
Extensive industry systems have utilized water as the media of chemical reaction or energy transformation under a variety of condition as shown in the right figure. Under the hydrothermal condition, construction materials inevitably incline to get chemical damage. Once the damage induce the failure of apparatus, it might bring about not only the economical loss but also the trouble of environment or safety. Hydrothermal Environment
Materials Degradation
Damage Model Construction materials in energy conversion systems get damage with the lapse of time in various mode as shown in the left figure. Fatigue, creep, high-temperature oxidation, and wear proceed slowly enough under the managed condition. Meanwhile, stress corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion, pitting, etc. sometimes emerge and proceed unexpectedly. These are very difficult to predict and to numerically simulate their happening because multiple factors affect so complicatedly. For the elucidation of phenomena and taking measures, we can practice engineering consultation with deep technical knowledge and broad experience on materials application, in particular under the extremely severe environment such as nuclear power plants and waste processing plants.
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