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Introduction to Kyogen

Kyogen depicts the inside of human mind but in the comical or ironical aspects. We might be able to enjoy Kyogen even without the preliminary knowledge on the background of story because it is basically comedy. Then the minimum outlines of Kyogen are introduced as follows.

  • Makuramono Gurui (An Old Man's Love) New! - As Taro and Jiro hear that their grandfather of over 100 years old is pining for love with a young girl, they visit him to see how he is doing. Being unable to resist their pursuit, the grandfather discloses his love for a young girl Oto via the refined recitation and dance.

  • Kirokuda (Woods on Six Cows) - Taro-kaja hesitates at first to drink sake that he was asked to deliver, but can't resist the temptation to drink feeling so cold. Under the influence of alcohol, he enjoys sake and dances joyfully with tipsy steps forgetting his mission.

  • Shuron (Religious Dispute) - Shuron describes a genuine relgious issue as an ironical comedy and leads to the bright conclusion where the two monks perceive the true teachings of Buddha after the cheerful dance performances of "Odori Nenbutsu" and "Odori Daimoku".

  • Hagi-daimyo (Bush Clover Lord) - Picturing the character of lord who is stupid at a glance but actually innocent and generous, and the satirical situation where the superior person becomes the laughing stock.

  • Roren (Almost a Priest) - The comical conversation between an easy-going priest, a thoughtless landlord and a practical landlord’s wife over the thoughtless tonsure of the landlord.

  • Enmei bukuro - The middle aged couple will realize their partners as the most important person once they face a difficulty, even though they have a small fight everyday and feel annoying with each other on peaceful days.

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