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The Big Bang Theory Season 2

2-10 The Vartabedian Conundrum


Stephanie has moved into Leonard's apartment, although he doesn't acknowledge this. When Penny shows up in her underwear looking in the guys' apartment, Leonard's falteringly introduces Penny to Steph just as one of their neighbours like Mrs. Vartabedian, the third floor resident. Realizing that their relationship is moving too fast for him, Leonard tries to tell Steph to move out, but she diverts him by initiating sex. Meanwhile, Sheldon sneaks into the hospital to test himself for a ringing in his ear and requested Steph to authorize test results to satisfy Sheldon's hypochondria*. Then Steph diagnoses him with a fake larynx inflammation, and instructs him not to speak at all. Following the advice of Howerd, Leorard text her to suggest her moving out although he knows it is cowardly. The episode closes with Sheldon trying to get some tea and honey from Penny using a voice generating software. (ステファニーがレナードのアパートに越してきたがレナードはこれを認めようとしない。ペニーが下着のような格好で彼らの部屋に現われると、レナードはしどろもどろでステファニーに、3階のヴァータビーディアン夫人と同じような隣人の一人だと紹介する。交際の進行が早すぎると感じたレナードは、ステファニーを転居させようとするが、そのたびに彼女はセックスを始めて話をそらしてしまう。一方、耳鳴りに悩む心気症のシェルダンは、病院に行って自分で検査しステファニーに診断を求める。ステファニーは喉頭炎と嘘の診断をし、シェルダンにしゃべらないよう指導する。レナードはハワードの勧めに従い、不適切と知りつつ携帯のメールでステファニーに転居を促す。エピソードは、シェルダンがラップトップの稚拙な音声発生ソフトでペニーに紅茶と蜂蜜を求めるところで終わる。) *心気症; 空想上の徴候や病気に対して慢性的かつ異常な心配をすること

Word Review

[The apartment]
(Stephanie is looking into Sheldon's ear.)
Steph: I don't see anything at all, Sheldon. (私には何も見えないわ、シェルダン。)
Sheldon: Well, you're the doctor, but I am constantly hearing this annoying sound. (君は医者だ、でも僕には常にこのうっとうしい音が聞こえるんだ。)
Leonard: Me, too. (僕もだよ。)
Sheldon: Is it a high-frequency whistle? (高周波の笛みたいのだろ?)
Leonard: No, it's more of a relentless, narcissistic drone. (いや、むしろ絶え間ない自己陶酔的なブンブン音だ。)
Steph: Yup, there's no inflammation at all, Sheldon. (炎症はないわ、シェルダン。)
Sheldon: Then it must be a tumour.(それじゃあ腫瘍に違いない。)
Steph: I seriously doubt it.(それはないと思うわ。)
Leonard: Maybe it's a lingering bacterial infection from all those childhood toilet swirlies*. (多分子供の時にトイレの渦巻きに首突っ込まれた時のバクテリア感染の名残りだ。) *トイレに頭を突っ込ませ水を流すいじめの一種
Sheldon: Is that possible? I used to get those all the time. Even in church. (それありうるの?僕はそれいつもやられてたよ、教会でさえもね。)
Steph: Well, you know, if it is from a swirly, there's something I can do. Okay, circle, circle, dot, dot, now you have a cootie shot*! I'm going to bed. (もしもそれがトイレの渦のせいなら、私には出来ることがあるわ。オーケー、丸・丸・点・点、バイ菌予防注射受けた!私は寝るわ。) *「バイ菌が移らないように」というアメリカの子供のおまじないの歌、cootieの元意はシラミ、子供用語で「バイ菌」
Leonard: Okay, I'll be right in. (オーケー、僕もすぐ行くよ。)
Sheldon: It's not enough that she mocks me, but that isn't even the correct procedure for a cootie shot. (彼女は僕をからかっただけじゃなく、バイ菌注射の手順も不正確だ。)
Leonard: Do you understand that Stephanie's not here to treat your imaginary ailments? (ステファニーが君の空想上の病気を診断するためにここに居るんじゃないってこと君はわかってる?)
Sheldon: How is it imaginary that I keep hearing an octave above Middle C? Is that imaginary? I don't think so. (中央Cの1オクターブ上の音が聞こえ続けてるのにどうして空想なの?これは空想なのかい?違うよ。)
Leonard: Good night.
Sheldon: Leonard, there's one more thing. Under Article One, Section Three of our Roommate Agreement, I'm calling an emergency meeting. (レナード、もう一つある。僕らのルーム・メイト合意の3章の一条に基づいて、緊急会議を招集する。)
Leonard: No, you're not.
Sheldon: Leonard moves the meeting not occur. Is there a second? None heard, the motion fails. I'd like to begin the meeting by congratulating you on the progress in your relationship with Dr. Stephanie. (レナードは会議不開催を動議する。動議支持ある?無しね、動議は却下。君とステファニー医師との関係の進展に祝意を表して会議を始めよう。)
Leonard: Thank you.
Sheldon: That being said, we have to discuss the implementation of the agreed upon "cohabitation" rider which has been activated now that the two of you are living together. (既に言ったように、「同棲」に関する補足条項の合意の施行が、君たちが一緒に住み始めたことによって現実化したので、それについて議論しなければならない。)
Leonard: We're not living together.. (僕らは一緒に住んでない。)
Sheldon: I beg to disagree. A girlfriend shall be deemed quote living with un-quote Leonard when she has stayed over for A, ten consecutive nights or B, more than nine nights in three week period or C: all the weekends of a given month plus three weeknights. (賛成しかねる。もしも次のいずれかを超えて滞在したら、彼女はそれを否定してもレナードと住んでるとみなされるよ。A;連続10夜、B;3週間に9夜を超える、C;ある1月の全週末プラス平日3夜。)
Leonard: That's absurd. (そんなの不合理だ。)
Sheldon: You initialed it. See? L.H., L.H., L.H. (君はそれにイニシャル付けたろ?わかる?L.H.、L.H.、L.H.。)
Leonard: Wait, I only initialed it because I never thought it would happen! I initialed another clause naming you my sidekick in case I get superpowers. (待って、僕はそんなこと起こると思ってなかったからイニシャル付けたんだ。僕が超大な力を獲得したときのために、君を僕の助手として指名して、もう一つの条項にイニシャルをつけたんだ。)
Sheldon: Hmm, yes, you did. Now, to review the following provisions are hereby activated. In the refrigerator, as opposed to us having two separate shelves and one communal shelf, the three of us now get individual shelves and the door becomes communal. Next, apartment vacuuming shall be increased from two to three times a week to accommodate the increased accumulation of dead skin cells. Third,the bathroom schedule. Now, I'm given to understand women have different needs, so, we'll have to discuss that. (んー、そう、君がしたんだ。さあ、以下の規定が活用されることを再考しよう。冷蔵庫の中、二つの個別の棚と一つの共用の棚に対して、三人だと棚はそれぞれで扉は共用になる。次に、アパートの掃除機掛けは、死滅皮膚細胞の蓄積の増加によって1週間に2回から3回に増えるだろう。三番目、浴室の予定。女性は必要性が違うから、相談しなきゃ。)
Leonard: I'm going to bed.
Sheldon: At least take this with you. Look, and have Stephanie initial here, here, here, here and here. This states that she does not now nor does she intend to play a percussive or brass instrument. Sure it sounds like a tumor pressing on the auditory nerve. (少なくともこれとって。みて、ステファニーのイニシャル、ここ、ここ、こことここ。これは彼女は打楽器も管楽器も演奏してないし、するつもりもないってことだ。確かに腫瘍が聴覚神経を圧迫してるような音がする。)

[The kitchen]
Leonard: No, absolutely not.
Sheldon: It's not a big deal. We have latex gloves. (大きな問題じゃない。僕らはゴム手袋持ってる。)
Leonard: I don't care what the symptoms are, my girlfriend is not going to give you a prostate exam. (どんな兆候でもかまわない、僕の彼女は君の前立腺の検査なんかしない。)
Steph: Hi, Sheldon.
Sheldon: Good morning, Dr. Stephanie. I trust Leonard satisfied you sexually last night. (おはよう、ステファニー先生。レナードが夕べ君を性的に満足させたって信じてるよ。)
Leonard: Oh come on! Sheldon, we don't ask questions like that. (おいおい、シェルダン。そんなこと聞くなよ。)
Sheldon: I heard you ask it over and over. How is it inappropriate for me to ask it once? (君が何度もそういうこと尋ねるの聞いたよ。どうして僕が一回だけ聞くのが駄目なんだ?)
Steph: He did very nicely. (彼とっても良かったわ。)
Sheldon: See? She's not offended. And now you finally have an answer. (ね?彼女は怒ってないよ。そして君は結局答えを得るんだ。)
Penny: (entering) Out of coffee. Need coffee. (コーヒーが切れちゃったの。コーヒーちょうだい。)
Steph: Uh, hello.
Penny: Hi! Stephanie, right?
Steph: Uh-huh. And, and, and you are?
Penny: I'm Penny, I live across the hall. I've heard a lot about you. (私はペニー。通路の向こう側に住んでるの。あなたとのことよく聞いてるわ。)
Steph: Really?
Penny: Mm-hmm.
Steph: I haven't heard a thing about you. Leonard? Why haven't I heard a thing about this woman who lives across the hall and comes into your apartment in the morning in her underwear? (私はあなたのこと何も聞いてないわ。レナード?私はどうして通路の向こう側に住んでてあなたのアパートに朝下着姿で来る女の人のことを何も聞いてないの?)
Leonard: She's heard about you because we're, you know, involved and you haven't heard about her because… I never slept with her, I swear! (僕らは親密だから彼女は君のこと聞いてるんだ。君が彼女のこと聞いてないのはつまり、...僕は彼女と寝てない、誓うよ。)
Sheldon: In Leonard's defence, it wasn't for lack of trying. (レナードをかばうために言うけど、やろうとしなかったからじゃないよ。)
Leonard: Thank you, Sheldon. (ありがとう、シェルダン。)
Sheldon: You're welcome, Leonard. (どういたしまして、レナード。)
Leonard: Look, I'm just saying, um, Penny is one of our many neighbours, you know, and in our building, neighbours come and go, it's very casual, no dress code. In fact, some mornings I'll just mosey down to the third floor in my pyjamas and have cereal with Mrs. Vartabedian. (つまり、僕が言おうとしたのは、うん、ペニーは沢山の隣人の一人だ、行ったり来たりする、とてもカジュアルで服装規定もないんだ。実際、ある朝、僕がパジャマ姿でぶらりと行って3階のヴァータビーディアン夫人とシリアルを食べるみたいな。)
Sheldon: Really? I have never once been invited to have cereal with Mrs. Vartabedian. (本当?僕はヴァータビーディアン夫人に招かれてシリアルを食べた事なんかない。)
Leonard: She doesn't like you. Um, well, uh, you have a gall bladder to remove and I have to get in the shower and Penny has clothes to put on, so… (彼女は君を好きじゃないからね。えーと、君は胆のうを除去しなきゃならないし、僕はシャワーを浴びなきゃならないし、ペニーは服を着なきゃならないし...。)
Steph: Well, it was very nice meeting you. (お会いできてよかったわ。)
Penny: Nice to finally meet you, too. (私もよ。)
Steph: And I'll see you tonight? (今夜またね。)
Leonard: Okay, bye-bye.
Steph: Bye.
Sheldon: What could I possibly have done to offend Mrs. Vartabedian? (僕はヴァータビーディアン夫人の感情を損なうために何かできたかな?)
Penny: So, that's Stephanie, huh? (それで、あれがステファニー?)
Leonard: Why do I feel like I'm the one that just got the prostate exam? (どうして僕が前立腺の検査を受けたばかりの人みたいに感じるんだ?)
Penny: You know, she seems very nice. (彼女いい人みたいね。)
Sheldon: Oh, she is. She's terrific, and she's proving to be a valuable roommate. (ああ、そうだよ。彼女は素晴らしい、それに、彼女は役に立つルーム・メイトだ。)
Penny: Roommate? You guys are living together? (ルーム・メイト?あなたたち一緒に住んでるの?)
Sheldon: Like hippies. (ヒッピーみたいにね。)
Leonard: We're not living together. (僕らは一緒に住んでなんかいない。)
Sheldon: Do I have to pull out the paperwork again? (また書類作業するかい?。)
Leonard: We're not living together. (僕らは一緒に住んでないよ。)
Penny: Are you sure? (本当?)
Leonard: How could I not be sure? (どうやって嘘つくのさ?)
Penny: Well, let's find out. (じゃあ探してみよう。)
Leonard: Don't you think if a woman was living with me I'd be the first one to know about it? (もし彼女が一緒に住んでたら僕が最初に気づくはずだと思わないのかい?)
Penny: Oh, sweetie, you'd be the last one to know about it. (おー、あなたは最後に気付く人よ。)
(Penny looks through his wardrobe)
Penny: Hmm, cute dresses. I bet this looks great on you! (ふん、可愛いドレスね。これってあなたに似合うわね!)
Leonard: We're not living together. (僕らは一緒に住んでないよ。)
Penny: Okay, hmm, scented candles, fuzzy slippers, ooh, floral bed sheets? (オーケー、いい香りのろうそく、ふわふわのスリッパー、花柄のベッド・シーツ?)
Leonard: We're not living together. (僕らは一緒に住んでないよ。)
Penny: Okay, moving on. Now, who are these guys at Disney World? (オーケー、次行きましょ、これはディズニー・ワールドのだれ?)
Leonard: Uh, the big dog is Goofy, and the older couple with the mouse ears , I have no idea. We're not living together! (うー、大きな犬はグーフィー、ネズミの耳の年寄りのカップルはわからない。僕らは一緒に住んでないよ!)
Penny: You're going to go down swinging*, huh? All right, well, we got your body lotion, your InStyle Magazine, your jewellery box. (無駄な抵抗ね、いいわ、あなたのボディー・ローション、あなたのインスタイル・マガジン、あなたの宝石箱。) *火事などで高いビルから身を投じた人が、無駄とわかっていても必死に腕を振ってもがき続けるように、駄目とわかっていても、最後の瞬間まで希望を繋ごうとする様子。
Leonard: We're not… Where's my Bat Signal*? (僕らは一緒に...、僕のバット・シグナルはどこだ?) *The Bat-Signal is a distress signal(遭難信号) device appearing in the various interpretations of the Batman mythos. It is a specially modified Klieg searchlight with a stylized symbol of a bat attached to the light so that it projects a large Bat emblem on the sky or buildings of Gotham City.
Penny: You have a Bat Signal? (あなたバット・シグナル持ってるの?)
Leonard: I did. It was right here. She must've… Oh, my God, we're living together. (持ってたよ。ここにあったんだ。彼女がきっと...なんてこった。僕らは一緒に住んでる。)
Penny: Really? What was your first clue? (本当?何が決め手になったの?)

[The university cafeteria]
Howard: New pants? (新しいズボンかい?)
Leonard: Yeah, Stephanie got them for me. (そう、ステファニーが買ってくれたんだ。)
Howard: Nice. Cotton? (いいね。綿かい?)
Leonard: Actually, I think it's more of wool, fire ant blend. (実際、むしろウールとチクチクするカミアリの混紡だと思うよ。)
Howard: So, the girlfriend's buying clothes for you, huh? Sounds serious. (それじゃ、彼女が君に服を買ってくれたのかい?マジだね。)
Leonard: It is actually. In fact, I gave it a lot of thought and I decided it was time for us to live together. (そうだよ、実際僕もいろいろ考えたけど、僕ら一緒に住む時期だって決めたんだ。)
Howard: Uh, Leonard, huge mistake. There's a whole buffet of women out there and you're just standing in the corner eating the same devilled egg over and over again. (ウー、レナード、大きな間違いだ。女にはビュッフェ全体があるけど、君は端っこに立って同じデビルド・エッグ(味付け黄身の白身詰め)を繰り返し食べるだけだ。)
Leonard: At least I have an egg. What do you have? (少なくとも僕は卵を食べられるけど、君は何を食べるの?)
Howard: A veritable smorgasbord* of potential sexual partners. See the blonde over there? I can hit on her and you can't. (実際いろんなセックスパートナーの可能性があるさ。あそこの金髪の子見ろよ。僕は彼女を口説けるけど、君は出来ない。) * サンドイッチや肉・魚・野菜・果物・デザートなどさまざまな料理が並び,自由に取って食べる立食形式の料理; 日本では「バイキング」とよんでいる
Leonard: So, go hit on her. (じゃあ口説いてみろよ。)
Howard: She's not my type. (彼女は僕のタイプじゃない。)
Raj: Too bad, 'cause she was checking you out before. (最悪、彼女は先に君をチェックしてるよ。)
Howard: She was? (彼女が?)
Raj: Of course not. Look at her. (もちろんしてない。見ろよ。)
Leonard: I don't care what you guys think, Stephanie and I are very happy living together. I will give either of you 20 dollars, right now to trade pants with me. (君たちがなんて思おうが構わない。ステファニーと僕は一緒に住んで幸せなんだ。ズボンを交換してくれたら、僕は君達どちらかに20ドルやるよ。)

[The hospital]
Steph: Sheldon, what are you doing here? (シェルダン、ここで何をしているの?)
Sheldon: Hang on. 130 over 80. A little high. We can attribute that to the stress of sneaking past the security desk. (ちょっと待って、130と80、少し高いな。警備デスクをすり抜けるためのストレスのせいだろう。)
Steph: Where did you get the stethoscope and the blood pressure cuff? (どこで聴診器と血圧計の腕帯を手に入れたの?)
Sheldon: My aunt Marion gave them to me for my 12th birthday. She thought if I failed at theoretical physics that I should have a trade to fall back on. And by the way, the blood pressure cuff is called a sphygmomanometer. (12歳の誕生日に叔母のマリオンがくれたんだ。彼女は僕が理論物理学に失敗したらよりどころとするために職を持つべきだと考えたんだ。ところで、血圧計の腕帯はスィグモマノメーターって言うんだ。)
Steph: Thank you.
Sheldon: Didn't they teach you that in medical school? (医学部で教えてくれなかったのかい?)
Steph: I'm kinda busy here, Sheldon. (私ここでは忙しいの、シェルダン。)
Sheldon: I understand. All I need is for you to authorize these tests. (わかった。でも、このテストを君に正当化してほしいんだ。)
Steph: A cardiac stress test, a full body MRI, an electromyogram, a CBC, baseline glucose, upper GI?(心臓負荷試験、全身MRI、筋電図、血液検査(complete blood count)、血糖値、上部消化管(gastrointestinal)造影?)
Sheldon: Oh, and an exploratory laparoscopy. Last time I had hiccups, it felt like my diaphragm was just going through the motions. (おー、それに腹部検査。前回、しゃっくりが出て動いてる時に診断図を撮っちゃったような気がして。)
Steph: Go home, Sheldon. (帰って、シェルダン。)
Sheldon: Can I at least have the upper GI? I already drank the barium! (せめて上部消化管造影だけでも?既にバリウムを飲んじゃったんだ。)

[The laundry room]
Penny: Oh hey.
Leonard: Oh, good. Do you have any fabric softener? (ちょうどいい、柔軟剤持ってる?)
Penny: Yeah, sure. What are you washing? A crocodile? (いいわ、何を洗ってるの?ワニでも?)
Leonard: No, the pants that Stephanie got me. (いや、ステファニーが買ってくれたズボンさ。)
Penny: Oh, sweetie, you can't machine wash these. They'll be ruined. (あら、あなた、これは洗濯機では洗えないのよ。台無しにするわ。)
Leonard: Are you sure?
Penny: Absolutely.
Leonard: Oh, no. I wish you'd told me that sooner. (もっと早く言ってくれればよかったのに。)
Penny: Are you guys having problems?
Leonard: No, everything's fine.
Penny: Really?
Leonard: Yeah. It's wonderful. Okay, maybe this whole living together happened kind of suddenly, but it's fine, it's great. (そうさ、素晴らしいよ。突然一緒に住み始めたけど、でもうまくいってるよ。)
Penny: Okay, Leonard, honey, you know, if you're uncomfortable with the way things are going, you're allowed to say something. (オーケー、レナード、えーと、あなたは今の状況が心地よくないんでしょ。言いたいこと言ってもいいよ。)
Leonard: Are you sure? That doesn't sound right. (本当?それは正しくないよ。)
Penny: Believe me, your feelings are just as important as hers. (私を信じて、あなたの感情も彼女のと同じように大切よ。)
Leonard: No that doesn't sound right either. (それも正しくなさそうよ。)
Penny: Just tell her you need the relationship to move at a pace that you both are comfortable with. (関係を二人にとって心地よい所に移す必要があるって彼女に言うべきよ。)
Leonard: Yeah, I could say something like that to her. I'll go do that. Thank you. (そうだね、彼女にそう言えるかも。そうするよ、ありがとう。)
Penny: Sure.
Leonard: You have a really good grasp on this. Maybe you could talk to her? (君は良く理解してるね。君なら彼女にうまくいえるかな?)
Penny: You're kidding, right? (冗談でしょ?)
Leonard: No, but that's okay. I'll go talk to her. Want to come with? (冗談じゃないけど、でもいいよ、僕から彼女に言うよ。一緒に行く?)
Penny: Go! Wow.

[The apartment]
Steph: Oh, no.
Sheldon: Wha??
Steph: You were right. Your larynx is terribly inflamed. I mean, I've never seen anything like it. (あなたは正しかったわ。あなたの喉頭は恐ろしく炎症起こしてるわ。私、こんなの見たことない。)
Sheldon: I knew it! What do I do?
Steph: You're going to need to stop talking immediately. (あなたはしゃべるのをすぐにやめる必要があるわ。)
Sheldon: For how…
Steph: Du-du-du-du! Immediately.
Leonard: Hey.
Steph: Oh, hi, honey.
Leonard: Sheldon. (He waves) What's going on?
Steph: I just performed a Sheldonectomy*. (私今シェルドネクトミーをしたところなの。) *Sheldon+ectomy(切除術)
Leonard: Careful, if you don't get it all, it'll only come back worse. (気をつけて、完全にやらないと、さらに悪くなって復活するよ。)
Steph: Gotcha.
Leonard: Listen, we need to talk. (聞いて、話したいことがあるんだ。)
Steph: Oh-oh. Do we need to talk or do we "need to talk"? (えー、話したいことがある、それとも「話す必要」?。)
Leonard: I don't know what that means. (意味が分かんない。)
Steph: Okay, why don't you just tell me what it is you have to tell me? (オーケー、あなたが話さなきゃならないことをただ言ってみて。)
Leonard: Okay, um, well, look, it's just that things between you and me have been going pretty quick. (オーケー、えーと、いいかい、僕と君との関係がとても早く進んできた。)
Steph: And? (それで?)
Leonard: It's just a little scary. (ちょっと怖いんだ。)
Steph: Well, yeah, but scary good, right? (ええ、いいわ、でも怖いけどいい、でしょ?)
Leonard: Sure, when is scary not good? But, okay, um, I have feelings, right? (その通り、いつだって怖いのはいいさ、でも、うん、感じてることがあるんだ、いいかい?)
Steph: Uh-huh.
Leonard: Okay, and it's perfectly okay to express those feelings, right? (オーケー、その感じを言うのは全然オッケー、だろ?)
Steph: Of course honey why don't you tell me what it is you're feeling? (もちろんよ、どんな感じなの、聞かせて?)<
Leonard: Okay, well, I ju… I think it's important to remember that we move at a pace that is our speed and… oh, shoot, I had it! (オーケー、えーと、僕らは僕らの速度で進んできたのが大事だって思うんだ、おー、ちぇっ、なんだっけ!)
Steph: Okay, how about this? How about I tell you what I'm feeling? (オーケー?それじゃあ、私の感じを言っていい?)
Leonard: What's that? Really? Right now? (なにそれ?本当?今なの?)
Steph: Why not? (いいでしょ?)
Leonard: I just ate, aren't you supposed to wait an hour? (食べたばっかだし、1時間ほど待つんじゃない?)
Steph: I think that's for swimming. (それは水泳のときでしょ。)
Leonard: Oh, okay. I just hope I don't get cramps. (オーケー、痙攣起こさなきゃいいけどな。)
Steph: Yeah.

[The laundry room]
Leonard: Hey.
Penny: Hey. Oh, I put your clothes in the dryer. (ヘイ、あなたの洗濯もの乾燥機に入れといたわ。)
Leonard: Thank you.
Penny: Your pants are ruined. (ズボンは台無しよ。)
Leonard: Good.
Penny: So, how did the talk with Stephanie go? (ステファニーとの話はどうだった?)
Leonard: Well, um, on one level, really, really well. (えーと、ある意味ではすごくよかった。)
Penny: So, you told her you wanted to slow things down? (それで、あなたはスローダウンした言って彼女に行ったの?)
Leonard: Not specifically, but, uh, I did tell her that I had feelings. (いや、そうはっきりとは、ただ僕の感じを伝えたよ。)
Penny: Good, good. And then what?
Leonard: And then the, the subject got changed somehow. (話題が少し変わっちゃったんだ。)
Penny: You had sex, didn't you? (セックスしたの?)
Leonard: Um, little bit. (ちょっとね。)
(She looks at her watch)
Leonard: What?
Penny: Nothing. Okay, well, it sounds like things are going to work out. (なんでも、オーケー、うまくいってるみたいね。)
Leonard: Yeah, yeah it's all good. Everything's going to work out. One way or another. (そうだね、すべてうまくいってるよ。なんとかね。)
Penny: Come on, Leonard, you are entitled to try and make things go the way you want them to. (さあ、レナード、あなたはことを自分の思う通りに進める権利があるのよ。)
Leonard: Really?
Penny: Yes, you don't always have to go along with what the woman wants. (そうよ、いつも女の子の思うようにする必要はないのよ。)
Leonard: Huh.
Penny: What?
Leonard: Nothing, just rethinking my whole life. Okay, here's the thing, I'm afraid that if I ask her to move out, she'll just dump me. (なんでもない、ただ僕の人生を振り返ってみただけ。オーケー、こういうこと、彼女に出てってくれって頼んだら振られると思ったのさ。)
Penny: Well, it's a chance you have to take. I mean, look, if it's meant to be, it'll be. (試してみるべきよ。つまり、もしもそうあるべきならそうなるわ。)
Leonard: Very comforting. Okay, so what do I say to her? (慰められるよ。オーケー、彼女になんて言えばいい?)
Penny: I don't know. I mean, what have women said to you when they wanted to slow a relationship down? (わからないわ。関係をゆっくり進めたいとき、女の子達はあなたになんて言ったの?)
Leonard: I really like you, but I want to see how things go with Mark? (「私は本当にあなたが好きよ、でも私がマークとどんな風になるか知りたいの?」)
Penny: Yeah, that'll slow it down. (そう、それならスロー・ダウンするわね。)

[Leonard's bedroom]
(Leonard and Steph have just had sex)
Steph: I'm sorry, I totally interrupted you. What were you saying? (ごめんなさい、あなたを遮ったわね。なんて言おうとしてたの?)
Leonard: Oh, right, yeah, um, so, Stephanie, here's the thing. I really like you. (おー、大丈夫、その、ステファニー、こういうこと、僕は本当に君が好きだ。)
Steph: Oh, God, here comes the speech. (おー、神様、スピーチが始ったわ。)
Leonard: What speech? (どんなスピーチ?)
Steph: I really like you, but maybe we should spend a little less time together 'cause I need my space but I'll call you on Tuesday, and then you never call me so I call you, but you don't call me back and then when I run into you at the coffee shop you pretend like you've been having problems with your voice mail and I know that you're lying, but I pretend like I don't care even though I'm dying inside! (僕は本当に君が好きだ、でも一緒に過ごす時間を少し減らそう、僕自信の時間が欲しいから、でも火曜日に電話するよって、そしてあなたは電話をくれない、で、私が電話するけど返してこない、コーヒー・ショップで出くわすと音声電子メールが不具合だって言って、私は嘘だってわかるけど心の中では死にそうでも気にしないふり。)
Leonard: No! No, no! I wasn't going to say any of that. I was just going to say, I really like you. (違う、違う、僕はそんなこと言おうとしたんじゃない。僕はただ君が好きだって言おうとしたんだ。)
Steph: Oh. Oh, good! 'Cause I really like you, too. (まあ、素敵、だって私もあなたのこと本当に好きよ。)
Leonard: Terrific.

[The university cafeteria]
Leonard: Hey.
Raj: Hey.
Howard: Hey. Nice sweater.
Leonard: Yeah, Stephanie got it for me. It's kind of fun.
Raj: It's got a big bird on it, dude.
Leonard: Yeah, yeah, that's the fun part. We're also getting new curtains for my bedroom, and a dust ruffle, and a duvet, and I don't even know what a duvet is but I'm pretty sure if I did I wouldn't want one, but every time I talk to her about moving out she cries and we have sex. (そう、お楽しいとこさ。それに僕らの部屋に新しいカーテンとベッドのフリルとデューベイ(羽根布団)買ったよ、デューベイって何だか知らないけど、知ってたとしても欲しいとは思わなかっただろうけど、でも別居のこと話そうとするといつも彼女は泣きだして僕らはセックスするんだ。)
Raj: You're lucky. With me, it's usually the other way around. (君は幸運だよ、僕についてはいつも逆だからね。)
Howard: You know, if you can't talk to her, why don't you just text her? (もしも彼女に言えないんならメールすればいいじゃん。)
Leonard: Isn't that kind of cowardly? (それって臆病そうな感じしない?)
Howard: Oh, yeah. It's beyond contemptible. (卑劣を通り越してるね。)
Raj: It's true, but on the other hand you are wearing a bird sweater. (本当だ、でも一方で君は鳥のセーター着てる。)
Leonard: Sold. "I think it would be better for our relationship if you moved back to your place." There. It's done. (売った。「君が自分の家に戻った方が二人の関係のためにいいと思う。」さあ、やった。)
Howard: Good for you.
Leonard: Yeah, good for me. I'll never have sex again. (Phone buzzes) I was wrong. See ya. (そう、僕にとってよかった。もうセックスは出来ない。(電話のブザー)僕は間違ってた。またね。

[Outside Penny's apartment]
(Sheldon has his laptop. He knocks three times, the presses a button and an electronic voice says "Penny". He does this three times.)
Penny: (opening door) Sheldon?
Computer voice: I have an inflamed larynx. (僕は喉頭炎症だ。)
Penny: Okay?
Computer voice: We're out of herbal tea. Do you have any? (ハーブティーを切らしちゃったんだけど、君持ってる?)
Penny: Okay, let me check.
Computer voice: Some hiney would be nice, too. (ハイニーがあるといいんだけど。)
Penny: Hiney? (ハイニー?)
Computer voice: Honey. (蜂蜜。)

Story: Chuck Lorre & Steven Molaro
Teleplay: Bill Prady & Richard Rosenstock
Japanese interpretaion: Norih

Copyright (C) 2017 Methodea LLC