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Method and Idea for Business
Last Update 5/31/2018
First Upload 12/25/2017


Vision and Mission
  • We will instruct anyone who needs information of the social security systems, asset management, gift and inheritance tax, etc. to live worthwhile life feeling financially reassured in the post-retirement life in Japan.
  • We will establish a viable investment practice with overseas real estate and provide high-quality information to clients.
  • We will provide exceptional values with novel ideas, deep technical knowledge and excellently skilled methods to clients who start and operate small businesses, and develop good business relationships with them through mutual trust and respect.



  • Name: Methodea Limited Liability Company
  • Date of Establishment: Dec. 15, 2017
  • Amounts of Stated Capital: 13M JPY

The Representative Director

  • Name:
  • Affiliation & Membership:
  • * Technical Advisor of High Tech. Research Co. Ltd. (HTR)
    * Member of The Japan Association for FPs (JAFP)
  • Qualifications & Certifications:
  • * The Certified Financial Planner (CFP(R))
    * Dr. Engineering

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